California Realty On-Line

California Realty On-Line is the High-Tech alternative to other flat fee real estate companies,
and traditional commission split real estate companies that take between 10%-50% of
your gross commission.

Here at California Realty On-Line you pay a low $299 flat fee per transaction, and a
transaction coordinator fee of $199.  That’s it!!  The rest of the commission is yours!!
We'll even pay your Errors and Omissions Insurance. We'll also help you put together a
realistic sales plan, and help you create a client development program so that you'll always
have a constant flow of potential sales. If you're not making at least 15 sales per year
it's time to get out of where you are, and make the move to California Realty On-Line.

Today’s High-Tech tools have eliminated the need for a brick and mortar office.  
Walk into any real estate office and you rarely see any agents.  Why?
Because, real estate agents can’t make money sitting in an office.
The most successful agents are now asking the question:  
Why am I paying for an office I don't need?

Traditional Real Estate Companies are desperately holding onto a failing business plan.
Office Managers are no more than recruiters seeking a piece of your commission.  
The more bodies they get signed up the greater their chances of making a buck.
They need to charge agents high commissions to pay for an office and staff that is
no longer necessary in today’s business world.

The most successful real estate professionals are out in the field with their lap-tops,
smart phones, smart tablets, etc. They’re at home with their computers and scanners
sending and receiving documents, and opening and closing deals. They don’t need,
or want to pay for an office, an office manager, or a secretary. It’s a waste of time and
money.  They want to keep as much of their commissions as possible. These successful
people make tens of  thousands of dollars more than agents who work similar deals for
traditional Commission split real estate companies.  If you want to be successful in today’s
challenging real estate market you need to follow a successful business plan.
California Realty On-Line is here to take you to the next level of your real estate career.

James Opiela  Broker/President
California BRE License: 01922009
Phone: (858) 222-2611
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